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Straight to the Heart

Phil Moore is the author of "Gagging Jesus" and the "Straight To The Heart" series of devotional commentaries. Punchy, relevant and refreshingly direct - let's go straight to the heart of the Bible together.

"In taking us straight to the heart of the text, Phil Moore has served us magnificently ... Phil writes so relevantly and with such submission to Biblical revelation."

Terry Virgo

"Want to understand the Bible better? Don’t have the time or energy to read complicated commentaries? ... Allow Phil Moore to explain and then apply God’s message to your life. Think of this book as the Bible’s message distilled for everyone."

Adrian Warnock | Christian Blogger

“Phil makes the deep truths of Scripture alive and accessible. If you want to grow in your understanding of each book of the Bible, then buy these books and let them change your life!”

PJ Smyth | GodFirst Church, Johannesburg, South Africa

"Most commentaries are dull. These are alive. Most commentaries are for scholars. These are for you!"

Canon Michael Green

"Bible notes often say too little, yet larger commentaries can be dull - missing the wood for the trees. Phil's insights are striking, original, and fresh, going straight to the heart of the text and the reader!"

Greg Haslam | Westminster Chapel, London, UK

“Phil Moore's new commentaries are outstanding: biblical and passionate, clear and well-illustrated, simple and profound. God's Word comes to life as you read them, and the wonder of God shines through every page.”

Andrew Wilson | Author of "If God, Then What?" and "Incomparable"

Fresh. Solid. Simple. Really good stuff.


"Whether you are a believer or merely a curious sceptic, this book will help you to discover Jesus as he really is."

Sandy Millar

"I enjoy reading Phil Moore’s books. He writes about Jesus and the Christian life with perception, wisdom and wit.”

Nicky Gumbel | founder of the Alpha Course and vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton